Overcoming the onslaught of temptation

What to do when temptation comes calling? The one good thing about long traffic signals in Indian cities is that it gives enough time for...

27 Apr, 2017

Comparing the incomparable!

Comparing one’s complexion, physique, skill, salary, car, house and other measurable and immeasurable things..

24 Apr, 2017

Can Good Works Save Me ?

Is doing good and being a good person guarantee heaven ? Or is there something more...

23 Apr, 2017

What distinguishes Bible from other religious books?

What differentiates the Bible from all other literary works and religious books?

23 Feb, 2017

The Good News

Bible has good news for all In the Bible we see a term - 'gospel' which means 'good news'. Yes, Bible has a good news...

23 Jan, 2017

Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell are two concepts which are taught in majority of the religions, though in different ways. Those who believe in God also...

10 Dec, 2016

Truly and Freely Free

Freedom! How sweet and precious is the sound! Everybody wants to be free! However very few are truly free!...

15 Aug, 2016

True Freedom

The history of the world is infused with man’s innate and insatiable desire to oppress, conquer and enslave the weak. But not all is despair...

8 Jan, 2016